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Create a full-featured site without any HTML coding. Customize your pages with pictures, sounds, Add-Ons and more. Click "Launch PageBuilder" to start from scratch, or choose a pre-made template below.

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(Note: PageBuilder can take up to 3-5 minutes to load over a 28.8 modem.)

PageBuilder Templates (Also in step-by-step PageWizards.)
Don't know where to start? Try one of these Quick Start templates.
Fun D'Mental
Fun D'Mental
Night Vision
Night Vision
Disk Drive
Disk Drive
Classic Tan
Classic Tan
Classic Blue
Classic Blue
Great Outdoors
Great Outdoors

Popular Themed Templates
Choose a theme which fits what your page is about.
Advice Column
Got some advice?
Baby Pages
14 styles to choose from!
Blank Page
Start from scratch.
Celebrity Fan Page
Start a fan page.
Children's Page
Get the kids involved.
My Diary
Keep an online journal.
Put your class online.
Family Tree
Who's who in the family.
Finance Page
Stocks, finance, investing
Dance Invitation
Throwing a dance party?
Party Invitation
Got something going on?
My Pet Page
Cat, dog, or any pet
My Hobby
Have a cool hobby?
My Links
Create a web directory.
Personal Page
Green, pink, yellow, blue
Personal Ad
Looking for love?
Support Groups
Share your experiences.
Tribute Page
Gray, white, blue
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SiteBuilder templates

 Top 5 Templates
1. Blank Page
2. Night Vision (Quick Start)
3. Personal Page (Blue)
4. Home Page
5. Fun D'Mental (Quick Start)
 New to PageBuilder?
PageBuilder PageBuilder Tutorial
If you haven't used PageBuilder before, try out our new Tutorial. In just 10 simple steps you will learn how to use PageBuilder and build your own web pages.

PageBuilder Help PageBuilder Help
Are you having a specific problem or need more information? Browse PageBuilder's Help section for quick answers.

 Did You Know....
The latest version of PageBuilder supports layers! You can overlap images and text to create more interesting page designs. Also make sure to check out PageBuilder's new Page Effects. Page Effects can be found under the Insert menu, or in the Add-Ons pallette.

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