Name :   Fingersfan
Comment :   Get well soon Henry. Kick up that racket again soon.
Name :   wayne h
Comment :   We played together in shotgun rose in the states and you remain one of my dearist friends.get well soon and maybe i could carry your axe for you again.
Name :   Chris Morton
Comment :   Get Well Soon Henry please
Name :   Stephen Catherwood
Comment :   Hope you have a speedy recovery from the operation Henry.
Name :   Sean McHugh
Comment :   Great show at rebellion 2012 hope you come back next year!!
Name :   Eric Levell
Comment :   Wishing you a speedy recovery Henry the world needs more guitarists like you. Your playing has always been an inspiration to me and I dare say thousands of others
Name :   Tim Knight
Comment :   Get well soon mate. All the best!
Name :   Tim and Dan
Comment :   Hope your ok after the op mate. Really enjoyed your shows at Bedford and Northampton in the last couple of years. Wishing you a speedy recovery
Name :   Colin w
Comment :   Thinking of you stay strong , speedy recovery
Name :   John Casey
Comment :   Get well soon Henry, we want you back kickin up a racket! God Bless x
Name :   mike ranson
Comment :   massive SLF fan from day 1. Im 46 now and still listen to SLF all the time. Wish you a full and good recovery. From the whole of Wales
Name :   Paul Henderson
Comment :   Thinking of ya mate! Here`s to a speedy recovery, I miss you taking the Urine out of me!
Name :   eddie lee
Comment :   See you at the Plough Forfar!
Name :   john skillen
Comment :   couldnt agree more mate with your comment on when stiff died. i think jake has a cheek to still play under the name (although i do still go and see them again and again and again). look forward to see HC solo. j
Name :   Fritz Dilligaf
Comment :   Henry I Just Love The Way you play the guitar .............. so much like the way i do myself. We even covered your song Suspect Device on our cd Hit The Road with my band Vagabonds in 1995. You were my real first love of punk rock back in 1979-80 .....
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