First Name :   Zias
URL :   
Comment :   Found your page whilst looking for steel animal skulls. Very well done, and truly inspirational. I am busy building a Kudu skull and your work inspires me to up my game. Well done!
First Name :   Joe Walker
URL :   
Comment :   Watching you make and create the stuff you do is amazing
First Name :   James
Comment :   Your work looks AMAZING Larry!!! I look forward to working with you!!
First Name :   Ham
URL :   
Comment :   Hope theSt.Andrews ALL SAINTS CROSS project can come together.Your work is superb!
First Name :   Craig
Comment :   Wow great talent! will be ordering a rose for Valentines day!Maybe a skull Daisy also.
First Name :   Pearson Metal Art
URL :   
Comment :   Thanks Byron, thats exactly how I started! Its not easy, Ive been very lucky and blessed!
First Name :   Byron
Comment :   VERY,VERY,VERY COOL! Great mind Larry, great mind. I love the website and your creations. You are a talented guy. I have been doing metal art for about twelve years and currently working on my own site. Full time job first though but every evening and wee
First Name :   Bailey
URL :   
Comment :   Hey Im Rons daughter I met you over the weekend, I just wanted to see all your work and I love it all! I was just wondering how much you would charge for something like your SkullDaisy?
First Name :   Kent G
URL :   
Comment :   I like the work you have done for the town all the snow flakes thank you
First Name :   Christine
URL :   
Comment :   I think of you often. Stumbled on you on some one elses facebook. You look great! I always new you would be something big. Good luck and I love your work.
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