Name :   Margaret Webster
Comment :   Joyful and beautiful - you are and your art follows suite. Thanks!

Name :   Charlene Tharp
Comment :   Beautiful work.

Name :   Julia
Comment :   I love your art. Did you know that when we click on the Tuscan Lighthouse information it is showing the city Port St John??? No one would ever find it. Although it has 32456 right and also Reid Av. Just thought you would want to know...Good luck.

Name :   Ann Marie Newman
Comment :   Hi Heather - love your work! Youre always growing and evolving, getting better & better. Ill be in PC Aug.28 - 31. Hope we can visit. Id love to see the CityArts Cooperative space.

Name :   Belva
Comment :   Interesting concept , love to see more.

Name :   Claudia
Comment :   My daughter and I took your workshop and Just loved it! My daughter has never really been into art much and i dragged her with me so i wouldnt have to go alone, and now she cant wait for the next workshop... Thanks and hope to attend another real soon.

Name :   Amatullah
Comment :   The plain white background of your website really shows of your art. I would like to see you do more like the new one with the sphere.

Name :   Leslie Wentzell
Comment :   Heather...My first visit to your web site. I love the new work (Reflections et al)!! - Leslie

Name :   Ronnie McGill
Comment :   :)

Name :   PJ Watner
Comment :   Pretty awesome stuff lady ... I want to be you when I grow up as an artist. Thanks for being my teacher.

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