Name :   Dan
Comments :   Hi David, I hope all went well doing the Baja Bash. If you get a chance to send me a copy of that photo you took of me while we were sailing I would appreciate that. Good sailing with you too, fair winds to you! -Dan:
Name :   Lori and Ron Morgan
Comments :   From far away Las Vegas, I keep checking in for an update but havent seen one in awhile. Sure have enjoyed your adventures!
Name :   kat dodds
Comments :   yeah california is way boring compared to ocotpus infested fish, your little friends daddy, duke the amazing crab hunter. it looks like your having a blast without the kids guys! but i still love you all. hope to see you guys sooon. :)
Name :   Kristi
Comments :   Hola!! I miss you guys soo much! We are back in Idaho, and I found your boat card!! So I wanted to say hi to yall!! Miss you mucho!! Hola KAT!!!!
Name :   george & carol egan
Comments :   impressive trip,what fun for all of you. love & kisses
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