Full Name :   Sally (Gerson) Klawitter
Location :   Wausau, WI
Trivia Team :   none-former coworker of Ricks
Comments :   Hi Rick and crew! Great website. Enjoyed looking at all pictures. Read article in paper and saw you on Channel 9! Im cheering for your team again as always and watching scores online!!
Date :   4-20-2013

Full Name :   Jackie Schmiedlin
Location :   Shakopee, MN
Trivia Team :   none - 90fm alumni, former Dads member (1996/97 I think...)
Comments :   Good Luck this year guys! I miss Trivia so much...one of these years Ill get home for it....
Date :   4/14/2010

Full Name :   Cynthia Flatoff
Location :   Stevens Point, WI
Trivia Team :   Barney & the Duff Guzzlers
Comments :   Good Luck everyone! Hope you make the top 10 again! :) - Cindy
Date :   4/18/09

Full Name :   Jeanne
Location :   Xenia, Ohio
Trivia Team :   none
Comments :   Best of Luck !!! I wish we were there. Although I feel like were part of it,listening at home. GO DADS
Date :   4/18/09

Full Name :   Vaness (soon to be Hamus) Castrodes
Location :   in bed on the BlackBerry trying to go back to sleep
Trivia Team :   Dads computers
Comments :   Patty - it feels like there is not enough time to get ready. But I want Trivia NOW!! The site looks good BTW now Aaron can quit nagging you about it ^_^
Date :   2-23-09

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