Name :   Katy
Comment :   Highlight of Last Sunday not a die hard SLF fan as my husband but really enjoyed your show
Name :   Tal
Comment :   The comedy nostalgia stand up routine with musical interludes that you did at Blackpools Rebellion was bloody brilliant.The highlight of a great few days of punk.
Name :   RoddyRuddy
Comment :   Saw you at Rebellion Your set Bloody brilliant.What a great nostalgia stand up routine that was .You had me in tears.Better than citalopram.You made one old punk very happy.
Name :   paul kelly
Comment :   Late 70s and im plying SLF to death in my Essex bedroom .I did not know then that id spend 8 years in Belfast,Doing my Nurse traning and then stayed a while 82 /1990. Happy days.Good to see your still gigging Henry..See you up there! lived on the Donegal
Name :   Sharon Bryson
Comment :   Hey. Saw you at Rebellion and spoke to you after your set. Bloody brilliant. Funny. Thought you were playing Bathgate in Scotland? Hope to see you soon!
Name :   Matt Salters
Comment :   Hi Henry, Originally from belfast but hope to see you at the London gig in September Cheers till then
Name :   Carol
Comment :   I think Henry was actually there as a added guest of the other band -- so he didnt want to overshadow them. At least I think thats what happened. It was really their show...
Name :   Elizabeth
Comment :   What went wrong at The Duke Box in Oakengates, Telford? Winter of 79 support group stole the show! You sang a handful of songs and left them to entertain the people who had come to see you! A lot of people turned up and we all left very disappointed!
Name :   s. ellis
Comment :   i am so looking forward to seeing and hearing you play on the 1st of september at cleethorpes.I have followed slf for 18 years now and would love to hear your take on some of the classics see you up there big henry !!!
Name :   Togsy
Comment :   Thanks for the great music from slf back in the day! Would love to see you playing when your back in Belfast will keep an eye out!
Name :   Ian
Comment :   Its been a while since I walked through gate 49...
Name :   Fraser
Comment :   Hanx for the real SLF. You were the soundtrack to my teens. Always a special place in my heart.
Name :
Comment :   please add me to mailing list HANX!
Name :   Clifford Wood
Comment :   I agree with what you say that when Jim left it was the end of the real S.L.F but still go to see them.
Name :   Louis Carr
Comment :   Great gig in Bathgate, the 2 sons also had a great night. Hope to see you soon. stay safe. Louis ex N.Ireland now Edinburgh
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