Name :   Lisa Hunter, NM
Comment :   I had no idea Pekin had a website. Very nice! I havent been to Pekin since my early teens visiting my grandparents (Alfred and Sena Opoien)- it brings back wonderful warm memories. Good job. Ill visit again. Daughter of Amy (Opoien) Howell-Class of 1935.
Name :   Debra Hensrud
Comment :   Fantastic Site. So easy to navigate! Thanks, Donna! You do a great job.
Name :   Traci Mosby
Comment :   You have a very nice website. Having the graduating class pictures with the school reunion was a terrific touch.
Name :   Laurel (Stenberg) Bogers
Comment :   Love all of the pictures and content. This web site beats a lot Ive seen for much larger towns!! :)
Name :   Bill Wilson
Comment :   Great web site for such a small town. Bill Wilson, brother of Mary Ann Ensrud. Have a great day and keep up the good work.
Name :   Nancy (Ensrud) Blechinger-Californa
Comment :   Great website. Had a good visit in the summer of 2006. Brought 3 of our grandchildren with us for the centennial. Really enjoyed themselves. Stayed with my sister (Jane Hanson)and Curt. Great times and good memories!!!!!
Name :   Ryan and Cory Blechinger (brothers)
Comment :   Two summers ago we came over here for good ol Pekins centenial to see our grandkids.We havent been there since about 20 years, so, it was nice to be back!
Name :   Patty Gelesky
Comment :   My husband is a yearly visitor and some day we hope to retire here
Name :   Stacey (Quam) Leben, Bismarck ND
Comment :   Hello to all of the people in Pekin! It is great to see the website and read the guestbook. (daughter of Dale and Midge Quam)
Name :   Linda Retzlaff
Comment :   SO enjoy your website. Its most interesting and makes me want to peek in at Pekin. Kudos to you!
Name :   Ray Seidlinger
Comment :   I always enjoy your website. Very informative and well done. The Frosty Rural Pekin Day is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
Name :   Gary Hensrude
Comment :   Yes it has been a few years since I was last in Pekin,nD with my late cousin Beninda Frudendal. Im the cousin who is doing the family genealogy of the descendanta of the Tollef Hensrud Family. 319 N W 85th St # 7 Seattle,WA 98117
Name :   James W. Holt
Comment :   Great Web Site with good information and pics. Howdy From the Great Sate of Texas
Name :   Joe Ensrude
Comment :   Good to see there are still some Ensrudes left in this small world of ours. McVille provided many memories. Descendents of Peder and Anna (Thompson)Ensrude
Name :   Diana Knutson
Comment :   I really enjoyed the site. It was especially fun to see my fathers photo (Bernard Opoien, class of 1940)in the class photos section. I did not expect to find that while I was taking a quick browse. What a treat! Thanks for the quick tour of what is a very
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