Full Name :   Jarett Yach
Location :   Stevens Point
Trivia Team :   Who know this year! THe name always changes!
Comments :   Best of luck to all of you! Camping was fun!
Date :   4/19/07

Full Name :   Dave Fleegel
Location :   Medford
Trivia Team :   None
Comments :   Thanks for playing the Medford Contest. Good Luck and point... Some year Ill have to make the commitment and play in that one. I worked the contest for 90 FM Back in 94
Date :   3-26-07

Full Name :   Dan Rayburn
Location :   Pittsville, WI
Trivia Team :   Ah Bin Hypmotized
Comments :   Nice work on the webpage. Good luck in next years contest.

Full Name :   Jackie (Klish) Schmiedlin
Location :   Twin Cities, MN
Trivia Team :   90fm alumni - no team affiliation
Comments :   Hello everyone! Listening to the contest over the internet and stumbled on your page. Best of luck this year and congrats on your success so far. Hello to all the old SPASH gang, Patty, Bill, Shaun, & Rachel!! Hope you all are well, feel free to email me

Full Name :   Elwood Steevens
Location :   Marshfield
Trivia Team :   What Team
Comments :   you place better on the float then the trivia good luck any way :)

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