First Name :   keijo
Comment :   Thank you to God for this beautiful day in grace and power of the Holy Spirits power and joy for blood of Jesus:Let us all be thanksgiving and praise the lord for his love endures for ever ,thanks and bless and pray,your brother in faith,keijo sweden
First Name :   keijo
Comment :   Thank you lord for you all in salvation.Let us go an together in the power of God winning many our obstacled to victory and joy of the living waters wells frech feel and power.Thanks and remeber us here in the sweden from the Finland with your prayer time
First Name :   glenn
Comment :   do appreciate your web site...want to borrow your virtual tour of Israel for my web site! gm
First Name :   Beth
Comment :   Dear Preacher Mayes, I am a nurse in cincinnati ohio. I am doing very well. I think of you frequently and I hope you,your family, and the church are doing well. I just missed greatness by 5 1days but my patients enjoy the great loving fondation I recieved
First Name :   Ronnie
Comment :   Were with you all the way. Stay in there the Lord will be cack
First Name :   Russell
Comment :   Keep the work going...Jesus will soon be here..Perhaps Today!
First Name :   Jack
Comment :   Lookin good
First Name :   John
Comment :   Great! Keep up the good work and stay by the stuff
First Name :   Steve
Comment :   I really like your new website! It is very interesting. There are a lot of interesting things for people of all ages! May the Lord richly bless you as you labor for the Lord!
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